by Uzma
Tags: Entree,Appetizer


Original Recipe Source: Aamer
A quick meal, easy to make and extremely tasty!


Large Flour Tortilla
Grated cheese - cheddar
Green onions
Fresh tomatoes,diced
Salsa sauce( i prefer red salsa sauce)


1.Heat a frying pan to medium high heat. Add a small amount of oil(i use olive oil, you can use butter too)and spread it. Take one large flour tortilla and place it in the pan. Flip the tortilla over a few times,to make sure both sides warm and a little brown.

2.Take a handful of grated cheese,and spread over the tortilla, Add whatever additional ingredients you want - green onions, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. If you would like your quesadilla to be a chicken quesadilla, add some diced cooked chicken other wise add some minced beef(i usually cook the minced beef in taco seasoning separately).You can add salsa sauce now too or serve it separately along with quesadillas.

3.Fold the tortillas into half so you have a semi circle shape. Turn the heat to low and make sure to keep flipping the quesdilla to avoid over heating one side. Once the cheese has melted, remove from pan and cut into pieces and serve with sour cream. Enjoy =)




12/31/2017 4:34:00 AM
12/31/2017 4:34:00 AM