Adana Kebab

by Uzma
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Author: Rose Marie
These spicy meat skewers from Adana in southeast Turkey are extremely popular.Turks usually enjoy them with an Eastern touch at a kebapci,a local hostelry that specializes in the serving of kebap.The skewers,which are traditionally served on a large platter garnished with fresh mint,dill,arugula,and onions,are an absolute delight..The turks are genuine masters of grilling.After all,this form of cooking has long been a tradition in their lives;It is a legacy of the nomads of Central Asia.Lamb and mutton are very important in turkish cuisine.Almost every part of animal is used in a various ways,and it features in many specialties.
Ground lamb is the main ingredient for the Adana Kebap.It is shaped into long sausages and broiled or barbecued on metal skewers.The meat is taken from various parts of the lamb and the amount of the fat used is determined by the butcher.The sausages should not be stored in the refrigerator for longer than a day.If you are unable to find a lamb's tail fat,you can easily use butter instead.Sumak(sumac) gives this kebab a special touch.It is a typical Turkish spice,recognizable by its wine-red color.Sumac is made from the dried berries of the vinegar tree,which grows in southern Turkey,It's acidic taste good well with meat,fish and rice dishes..
Paprika is also ideal for enhancing the aroma of the ground meat.The powder is obtained from the dried,ground pods of a ripe,sweet pepper;the capsicum annuum.


1lb/400g Lamb's tail fat or butter
1 1/2 lb/600g ground lamb
4 onions
ground white pepper
4 tsp/20g red pepper flakes
40 g paprika
4 tsp/20g butter
4tsp/20 g sumac
lettuce leaves(serve)
For the garnish:
4 green chiles
3 tomatoes
For the accompaniment:
1 Flat bread or Pita bread


Cut the lamb's tail fat into pieces and blend,together with the ground lamb,adding a little water,peel and finely chop an onion.
Place the ground lamb in a bowl;season with salt and pepper.Using your hands,squeeze the juices from the chopped onion into the bowl.
Combine the red pepper flakes and paprika in a small bowl,and sprinkle over the meat.
Work the ground meat with your hands until everything is well blended.Dice the butter,then add to the meat mix well and work well.
Peel and thinly slice the remaining onions.Put them on a plate sprinkle over the sumac and set aside.Wash and thinly slice the chiles and tomatoes.
Using your hands,shape the ground meat into long sausages.Slide them onto the metal skewers,and cook in the broiler or on the barbecue,Arrange the skewers on a bed of lettuce leaves and onion rings.Garnish with the chiles and tomatoes,and serve with flatbread..



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