Timator Pullao (Rice with Tomato)

by Uzma
Tags: Entree


Oil 6-8 Tbsp. or as desired
Onions 1/2 or less Medium(Red or yellow)
Potatoes 2 (Peeled & Cut into squares)
Tomatoes 2 (Cut in cubes) OR 1/2 a can of Diced tomatoes
White rice 2 Cups
Salt 2 tsp
Garlic 1 tsp. (Paste)
Kaloonji 1/2 - 1 tsp


1 Heat oil and brown the onion(s)
2 Add tomatoes and cook a little (2-4 minutes)
3 Add Kaloonji and cover for 5 minutes
4 Check to see if tomatoes have started to get mushy
5 Otherwise cook till they get mushy
6 Then add other spices and mix
7 Add potatoes and mix well(2 minutes)
8 Add rice and mix well for anothet two minutes
9 Add water and let it cook till it gets done (about 1/2 an hour or so)
10 After 1/2 an hour lower the heat
11 Cover by placing a paper-towel on the pot, between the cover and the pot
12 Cook for another 10 minutes or so
13 Serve hot with some curry, raita or as it is



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